Our committee

Our committee is formed of six individuals bringing together a wide range of expertise and backgrounds, personally connected to Diabetes and passionate about making a difference to our community.

Chairman: Dr Marcin Remarczyk

Marcin is a Business Psychologist and works as a Business and Management Consultant for Cognizant Consulting and prior to that for IBM. At Cognizant, he has been heavily involved in partnerships with charities such as the Prince's Trust. His personal interest in diabetes stems from the history of the condition in his family. 

Secretary: Naila Khan

Naila has a keen personal interest in Diabetes as she is a Type 2 Diabetic herself, and also has many family members who have the condition.  She worked for BT in a number of roles, and was a Project Manager at the time of her early retirement in 2017. 

Other committee members:

Lauren Smith was diagnosed with T1 diabetes at 19 and currently use the Freestyle Libre. Every day with diabetes is different and I'm continually learning. 

Helen Smith has Type 2 diabetes, diagnosed 4 years ago, controlled with tablets. She says she still struggles with this, which is why she helps with the group, to help others who may need more information, and to remind and encourage herself. Helen focuses on email queries and is our Point of Contact for Diabetes UK.

Rashmeen Asmat has an academic background in finance and has worked in analyst and accounting roles in different organizations. She comes from a family of medical professionals and her father has type 2 diabetes so a lot of their day to day conversations revolve around diabetes. She joined Diabetes UK to help the team spread awareness and help people with diabetes.